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There are many resources out there for lists and data. The key is knowing which ones are best for your needs. AMZ Productions has experience from every side of the equation -- client, agency and list brokerage. We also have extensive experience in response analysis, so we're always looking at the overall project and future mailings when we advise you on list selection.

As an independent list brokerage, we're also not tied to one data provider. We work with the biggest names in the list and data industry. We also offer one service that few others can — "boutique lists" or custom-researched data not typically found on the open market. We've had major clients with direct access to the whole list industry still call us when they want to find that extra-special and hard-to-find list.

Here are just a few examples of the types of lists we can provide to you:

CONSUMER: The selection criteria for compiled consumer lists are seemingly endless -- age, income, geography, gender, marital status, children, occupation, pet ownership and more. We can also provide data on home ownership and even home and apartment RENTERS!

BUSINESS: Just like the consumer files, compiled business files can be selected from all kinds of criteria -- geography, type of business, number of employees, sales ranges, woman-owned business and much, much more.

SUBSCRIBER & MANAGED: Subscriber lists can be consumer, business or a mix of both. Most major magazines offer subscriber files through brokerages such as AMZ Productions. Managed lists are similar to subscriber files, but typically involve things like association memberships.

DONOR: An offshoot of consumer or managed files, donor files are a must for any fundraising campaign. You can combine consumer criteria, lifestyle information and a history of giving to target the perfect donor for your organization.

The above is just a broad overview of the lists available through AMZ Productions. Most files have telephone numbers available and we can also direct to you the proper information to make sure you meet federal telemarketing laws. At this time, we strongly discourage the use of e-mail addresses for customer or donor acquisition campaigns. Please call us today at (206) 842-5252 or e-mail ( for more information. Outside of business hours, you can also submit a QUOTE REQUEST for a timely reply.

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